Hi everyone! Welcome!
I'm Michelle, the founder of the Troye Sivan Wiki. So, a little about me: I'm 13, as of the time of writing this post. I'm a huge fan of Troye (obviously). Besides music, I'm really interested in art, acting, classic and contemporary literature, writing, philosophy, coding, and design. I love beauty. It's kinda my aesthetic. Like oceans. Or watercolor. Or snowy days. Or rainfall. Things like that. I'm also a huge nerd and a crazy perfectionist (sorry not sorry), so bear with me if I seem a bit uptight at times. So that was as a little introduction to the mess that is me. Now for a little bit about my goals for this wiki. I'm hoping that this community grows into one of those wikis with thousands of articles, an active base of users, and creates a supportive environment for old fans and newcomers alike. Of course, that will probably take a lot of time, but we'll get there! I hope that you, dear reader, stay with me on this journey!
-Michelle xxx