~The wiki updates for the month of December~

1. A broken code which most of you probably werent aware of has been removed. Removing this code fixed alot of the coding I had placed in there that were put into the effect they were placed in there to do.

2. Staff now have colors for there usernames on the wiki and in the wiki chat. This can help better identify who is staff.

3. We welcome GforGolden to the staff team! They applied for staff from a recomendation from one of the current staff and has been promoted to the administation rank.

4. Im not sure if anyone has noticed but the favicon is now the blue neighborhood album. Credits to this favicon go to the user Parapraxis who made it for me.

5. Community Messages have been updated and reorganized

6. The staff page has been updated and fixed

7. Profile masterhead has a wild gif now

Thats all for now, with love ~ CastAway