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San Francisco, CaliforniaEdit

Los Angeles, California (Night 1)Edit

Los Angeles, California (Night 2)Edit

Phoenix, ArizonaEdit

Austin, TexasEdit

Houston, TexasEdit

Dallas, TexasEdit

Oklahoma City, OklahomaEdit

Kansas City, KansasEdit

St. Louis, MissouriEdit

Chicago, IllinoisEdit

Lakewood, OhioEdit

Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaEdit

Columbus, OhioEdit

Detroit, MichiganEdit

Toronto, CanadaEdit

Montreal, CanadaEdit

Boston, MassachusettsEdit

New York City, New York (Night 1)Edit

New York City, New York (Night 2)Edit

Fairfax, Washington D.C.Edit

Atlanta, GeorgiaEdit

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