Spud (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is the soundtrack for Spud.

Track listEdit

Spud (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 
No. Title Artist(s) Length
1. "Just One of the Boys" Troye Sivan 3:32
2. "Once in a Lifetime" Petit Cheval 3:27
3. "Hey Boy" Via Afrika 3:53
4. "Schoolboy" The Asylum Kids 3:05
5. "Do the Lurch" The Cherry Faced Lurchers 5:40
6. "Round the World" Petit Cheval 4:21
7. "I Like..." John Ireland 3:58
8. "The Monster from the Bog" The Psycho Reptiles 3:23
9. "Wedding Day" Ed Jordan 3:03
10. "Just One Minute" Troye Sivan & Veronique Lalouette 0:49
11. "Here We Are" Face to Face 3:07
12. "Shadows" éVoid 4:53
13. "Window on the World" Bright Blue 1:45
14. "Dear Lord and Father of Mankind" Troye Sivan 1:45
15. "Gecko in the Mirror" Ed Jordan 1:22
16. "Big Boss" John Cleese 0:41
17. "Giving It All" Troye Sivan 1:40
18. "Standing Ovation" Ed Jordan 1:25
19. "Moments Away" Mango Groove 5:23
20. "Final Night Swim" Ed Jordan 1:25
21. "He Deals the Cards" Ed Jordan 1:37
22. "Another Country" Mango Groove 4:16
23. "Spud's Theme" Ed Jordan 3:29

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